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Classification of Law

(a) Sovereignty always resides in the determinate person or in a body of persons.
(b) Sovereignty is absolute, indivisible and unlimited. There can only be one Sovereign and all powers should be vested in one single hand be it Legislative, Executive or Judicial Powers.
(c) A society without sovereignty cannot be called a state. Sovereign may be an individual or a body or aggregate of individuals.
(d) The determinate human superior is the only lawmaker. His commands are laws and without him the state can have no laws.
(e) The determinate human has no rival of equal status in the state and nor does he obey the order of anyone.
(f) The power of the determinate human superior is sovereignty.
(g) The determinate human superior is subject to none or any power. The bulk of the people obey the sovereignís command as a matter of habit