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Stable Patterns

Weber doesn't focus much on what happens in the case of unexpected forms of action or what happens when people do not adhere to the maxims and expectations. It was these situations that Durkheim and Parsons focused on in greater detail. Parsons noted factors such as social approval and disapproval. In an analysis of Weber Cohen connects these supra-individual norms that develop out of stable patterns of social action and social relationships to the question of order that he notes is conduct oriented to a maxim, norm or rule.

The various forms of authority, ways that legitimacy is created are discussed by Weber.As Cohen writes legitimacy cannot assumed but must be demonstrated this provides an explanation of structural orders that is rooted on meaning and individual social action thus providing a solution to the action structure problem. Weber connects such repeated patterns to usage regular occurrences of actual practices including fashion and custom longer lasting or more permanent practices.

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