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Terms of Sociology

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Transmission of descent or property rights through male and female parents without emphasizing on any one.

Beena Marriage
A matrilocal and matriarchal type of family life practiced among certain types of the sahara.

Benedict's cultural pattern
Ruth Benedict dichotomous division of preliterate cultures into two ideal types.

  1. The Apollonian or calm restrained type of culture
  2. The Dionysian or frenzied emotional type of culture.

Biological determinist view of culture change
The view that cultural differences among ethnic groups are caused by innate physical differences among them and that culture change is dependent on changes in the physical characteristics of ethnic groups.

Biological factor in social change
The inherited capacity for intelligence which would underline the creation of culture.

Biological sociology
The analysis and interpretation of society and social processes in terms of analogies to biological processes.

Body Intimacy theory of family origin
The hypothesis that human families originated because of the fact an infant is physically dependent on his mother or on the other adults in order to live.

Bogardus law of social tension
Emory S Bogardus statement that the greater the social distance between two groups of people who live in close proximity the greater is the likelihood of overt tension occurring between them.

Broken family
A family which once consisted of a husband and wife from whom one parent is permanently absented either because of divorce, death or desertion.

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