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Terms of Sociology

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Tonnies used this term. Gemeinschaft refers to world of close, emotional, face to face ties, attachment to place and a homogeneous and regulated community.

Concept elaborated by Tonnies, it refers to association,. Term linked with Urbanism, industrial life, heterogeneity and secondary relationships.

Generalized others
When a child sees himself in terms of the collective viewpoint of the others, he sees himself from the perspective of generalized others.

Ann Oakley introduced this term to sociology. Gender draws attention to the socially constructed difference between the men and women unlike sex which does it on the basis of biological differences.

Ghetto Louis considered it as a state of mind rather than a physical fact in his book the `Ghetto' 1928. Normally ghetto refers to the inner urban area characterized by spatial concentration of the disadvantaged.

Grounded theory
Grounded theory is rooted in data which have been systematically obtained by social research. The development of grounded theory was an attempt to avoid highly abstract sociology and to restore. The balance between empiricism and theory building.

Grand Theory
A term coined by C.W Wills to refer pejoratively to sociological theories couched at a very abstract conceptual level like those of Talcott Parsons.

Guilds were occupational associations of pre and early industrial society which communicated the lore and skills of a trade by means of formal apprenticeships, control and members occupational activities and the exclusion of outsiders from practicing the trade. They were normally fraternal and corporate bodies.

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