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Terms of Sociology

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We –feeling
The recognition by a number of people that they form a unique group which is worthy of inspiring their loyalty in preference to all other similar groups.

White collar worker
Professionals, business managers and proprietors and clerks.

White man's burden
The views that because white men have the highest culture in the world they are obliged to assume the responsibility to uplift and civilize the preliterate nonwhite ethnic groups.

A person most often a woman who is believed to have inherent powers to work magic for good or evil.

Witch craft
The belief that a witch has the inherent power to harm or help a person or his soul by using supernatural techniques.The magical techniques associated with such a belief.

Withdrawal A psychological reaction or type of defense mechanism in which a person attempts to adjust to a frustrating situation by avoiding it. People may wi
Word association test
In psychology a projective technique for studying personality in which the subject is presented with a list of words and asked to respond to each word with the first word that comes to his mind.

Work ecology
The ecological study of the spatial distribution of workers in a factory, business office or the like and the relationship of this distribution to the patterns of work relationships and informal social relationships.

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