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Terms of Sociology

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A major subdivision of the species homosapiens consisting of a large number of people who form a distinct genetic entity because they have similar physical traits which they had inherited from common ancestors. Though such a definition has the value of precision it has the important disadvantage of being indemonstrable with present techniques of anthropological analysis and research. The term is generally used to refer to a biologically defined category of people which is to be distinguished from all culturally defined categories of people.

Race relations
The relations among members of different races who are conscious of their racial differences.

Racial Minority
A racial aggregate that is discriminated against in a society that is dominated by members of another race. A race that is numerically smaller than another race in a given society.

Regional sociology
The study of regions as unique societies having their own peculiar culture, language dialects, political outlooks and traditions.

A system of conduct that is based on beliefs which outline the ethical and proper relations among men as well as the proper relationship between men and God which often embodies worshipful and reverent ceremony.

Rural sociology
The study of the influence of rural living on the organization and functions of social groups.

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