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Terms of Sociology

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An animal which a group of people believed to be their sacred ancestor and protector. The group that reverse a totem and whose members believe themselves to be mystically related to it.

Totemic Kinship
The symbolic relationship among the members of a sib who worships the same totem.

The belief in a totem
The organization of a society into totems.

Tradition directedness
It refers to the type of behavior which is minutely controlled from without by traditional cultural standards by kinship ties,religion,ceremonies and the like. Their outstanding characteristic is in conformity to external standards of behavior and the etiquette of their community.

A type of large social unit which is usually made up of several clans or sibs who are politically bound together by a chief or a common council and who may also have a common language and culture although it is not invariably so.

Word coined by Edward Burnett Tylor which means practice of calling the parent from name of the child.

This means sacred prohibition on certain things or acts. The most important taboo is incest taboo according to which sexual relationship between primary ansanguinal kins is prohibited in most societies.

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