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Changing Structure of Family

With the advancement of technology, new factors of social transformation began to accumulate which were potent enough to cause social changes and in term shattered many of the old foundations of family life. The old size of the family and the scope of economic security it could provide have almost vanished. Family is gradually becoming the smallest unit of human association which is essential for the prime act of procreation. Similarly large family has become in most cases an economic liability instead of an economical asset. The economic foundation of old family the scope of social as well as economical security it could provide have all become things of past. Now even the husband and wife has to live separately mostly for economic reasons.

Under such circumstances, the old organization and nature of family cannot remain intact and because family is the unbreakable institution of man the accelerated speed of social changes has caused the widest cracks in family structure. The reduction of the functions of family, lightening the tasks of the home, shortening of the period of child-bearing and increasing gap between the arrival of successive children have transformed the position of women in the family structure.

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