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Theory and Fact

There is an intricate relation between theory and fact. Popular opinion generally conceives of these as direct opposites .theory is confused with speculation and thus it remains speculation until it is proved. When this proof is made, theory becomes facts. The objective facts are thought to be definite, certain without question and their meaning to be self-evident. The way the scientist view theory and fact is different from the popular conception of them.

A fact is regarded as an empirically verifiable observation and theory refers to the relationship between facts. Facts or empirically verifiable observations could never have produced modern science if they had been gathered at random. Without some system or theory science could yield no predictions. It can therefore be said that the facts of science are the product of observations that are not random but meaningful ie theoretically relevant. The development of science can be considered as a constant interplay between theory and fact. The fact has equally significant part to play in the development of theory. Facts initiate theory. They lead to rejection and reformulation of existing theory.Facts change the focus and orientation of theory.

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