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Educational Inequalities in India

By educational inequality we mean a system under which all the sections of society are not given equal opportunity to get education.In India changes in political,economic and social life are as a result of educational inequality. Those who are educated take the maximum benefit out of the system and take maximum concessions from those in authority.Due to being better educated they have better economic status can spare time for the activities and institutions which can bring changes in society. Educational inequality has made some powerful enough to amass wealth and with that dictate and change economic policies to suit their interests.In the rural areas,educated children leave their parents and migrate to cities.

The educational inequality is also responsible for resisting changes.Elite of the society and the bureaucrats who are educationally superior as compared with other sections of the society try to resist changes.They wish to maintain the statusquo and are opposed to social changes .The main reason being they donot want others to challenge their status and position within the society.The villages donot have better schools or colleges for the children.Most of the schools there lack even basic infrastructure like furniture or manpower like teachers thus fostering inequality in the level of education offered.It is common to find children dropping out of schools after primary education due to lack of secondary or higher secondary schools.

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