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Dysfunctions of Bureaucracy

According to Max Weber bureaucracy has the advantage of the calculability of results; it cannot or may not deal with individual cases properly. The laws of bureaucracy are incapable of dealing with individual particularities to which earlier types of justice were well suited. Writing on the legal system of continental Europe Weber said that the modern judge disgorges the judgement together with the reasons mechanically derived from the code.

Weber also argued that the bureaucratisation of the modern world has led to its depersonalization. The more fully it is realised the more depersonalizes itself. The bureaucrats may function as emotionally detached or professional experts. The bureaucrats functions to the exclusion of feelings and sentiments of love and hatred in the execution of official tasks. The bureaucratization and rationalization are almost an inescapable fate. He hoped that some charismatic leader might arise in future to provide some relief to mankind which is gripped by the tentacles of bureaucracy. He never visualised an emancipator struggle or revolution that would help them to become free from the shackles of bureaucracy. He thought it more probable that the future would be an iron cage rather than a Garden of Eden.

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