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Skill Programmes

A three-tier structure for coordinated action on skill development has been set up in India that consists of the
• Prime Minister's National Council on Skill Development.
• The National Skill Development Corporation
• The National Skill Development Coordination Board

The Prime Minister's National Council has outlined the core operating principles that advocate the need for co-created solutions for skill development based on partnerships between states, civil society and community leaders. The emphasis is on making skills bankable for all sections of society including the poorest of the poor.

The issue of optimum utilization of existing infrastructure available in states and using the same for skill training is also emphasized. The NSDC has been mandated to achieve the target of creation of skilled workforce of 150 million persons by 2022 under the National Skill Development Policy. As a first step towards achieving the target a comprehensive skill gap study for 21 high growth sectors has been completed in order to build a baseline for formulation of a comprehensive strategy. The Corporation has developed a strong governance structure for the disbursal of funds.

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