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Feminization of labor in informal sector

The feminization of labour is a term used to describe emerging labor relations due to global capitalism. Manufacturing jobs are now considered women's work. The global expansion of trade, capital flows and technology has resulted in increased formal and informal market opportunities for women due to their lower wages and their willingness to take on flexible and part time employment.

As the global economy expands multinational companies proactively recruit women in both the developing and the developed world to fill what has been traditionally male occupations.

From the perspective of multinational corporations female workers can be profitable because they have historically worked for lower wages they have been less likely to organize and they have higher turnaround rates.

Therefore women are expected to work for lower wages, no job security and no autonomy. The feminization of labor is partially attributable to neoliberal restructuring of the global economy referring to the changes in the production process away from large factory worksites to informal production.

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