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Impact of BPO industry on the youth

Due to the processes of Globalization, Liberalization and economic reforms the Indian economy has been growing rapidly since 1990s.The main thrust behind this growth is service sector and BPO holds a large chunk of it. India has been leading destination for the location of offshore services. With numerous new employment opportunities have been created for educated young people including fresh college graduates and postgraduates.

The tremendous growth of BPO sector over the few years has resulted in considerable changes in the lives of its young workforce. BPO sector has both negative and positive effects on the lives of young adults with high disposable incomes and quick promotional avenues. As a result young people are reaching their career goals and financial targets much earlier than before. But at the same time these professionals are adopting lifestyles that are detrimental for their social and mental well-being.

The use of drug and alcohol abuse has increased due to stress and as a fashion statement. Several young BPO employees have relocated to outsourcing hubs and live independently.

Among financially independent youth there has been a visible move towards consumerism. They work under tremendous pressure in closely monitored environments to meet ambitious performance targets. Strict deadlines and targets are resulted in employee burnout.

A growing number of employees also suffer from physical and emotional problems such as panic attacks, depression, relationship problems and sleeping and eating disorders.

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