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Sex Ratio

The World's two growing economic superpowers –China and India and Sub-Saharan Africa have the most skewed sex ratio in the world. China, India and Sub-Saharan Africa together account for 87% of the world's missing girls and excess female mortality according to the World Development Report -2012 Gender and Equality and Development. This is despite more girls being literate and healthier than ever before and greater number of them being in workforce.

While there are patterns of progress there are some areas of serious concern such as sex ratio. While selective abortion is more prevalent in North India it is gradually spreading South finds the report. In China too the trend of preferring sons is gradually spreading inland from the Eastern coast. As a result of the declining fertility rates and new ultrasound technologies and strong preference for sons unborn girls still face a big disadvantage.

Calling for urgent policy action by Government to expand economic opportunities for women the report stressed on the approach to enhance perception of value of daughters and reverse the preference for sons.

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