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Religion and Science

There are two major opinions regarding the relationship between science and religion-Religion and science are mutually conflicting and Science and religion are not mutually opposing.Those who oppose say that religion is based on faith and rituals whereas science depends on observation,experiments,verifications,proofs and facts.Science deals with the known or the empirical world but religion is concerned with the unknown or supernatural world.However those who say that science and religion are not opposing believe that science deals with what is known.It is potential knowledge based on sensory evidences.Religious beliefs refer to the world beyond the senses.If they cannot be proved by the methods of science,they cannot be disproved also.

Religion is social reality.The persistence of religion throughout the ages is proof of its survival value. It has rendered undeniable services to the humanity and is still serving.Religion like other institutions has its roots in certain human needs.Hence it was felt to be a necessity and continues to be a necessary thing.If religion is construed as nothing but belief in superhuman force or power it remains incompatible with science. If on the other hand it is understood as a kind of ethical philosophy serving the cause of humanity then the two are compatible. According to HE Barnes fundamentalist religion and modern science are always conflicting but no conflict exists between modern science and the latest trend in religion called humanism. Religion in its real sense is not conflicting with science. It is only the dogma or theology or the distorted version of religion that conflicts with science. If the religion respects and accepts the values of science and if science recognizes and accepts the reality and necessity of religion then there could be no conflict between religion and science.

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